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How to save | Bargain with the dentist

Dental prices are not set in stone. A dentist who owns her practice charges whatever she wants and can change the price for anyone at any time. Sometimes a dentist will agree to a price break for a patient who asks.

When things don't go smoothly
If you have a dental experience that disappoints you in some way, whether for administrative or clinical reasons, your dentist is more likely to waive or reduce the cost of dental procedures. Just ask. Your dentist may even volunteer to waive the cost before you ask.

Warning: Problems with a dental visit do not imply your dentist office made a mistake. Problems can result even when your dentist office applies good judgement and skill. For example, hidden dental problems may reveal themselves only after the obvious problems are fixed. Insurance can deny coverage for reasons that are justifiably not anticipated by the administrative staff at your dental office leaving you with a larger out of pocket cost than anticipated. Use care before concluding your dentist office did something wrong to cause your problems.

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